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Subject: Camp Conversion Part 3 by StripscottCAMP CONVERSION
Part 3
Written by Stripscott based on a true account by Nivram Three dicks bulged ominously in three pairs of bathing trunks. The
fourth dick was still hidden under shorts, but I had no doubt that it would
soon present itself and be just as threatening.
John, the wearer of the shorts and possessor i am fool loli of the hidden, as yet
unseen, dick was in the act of aiming the camera at my stretched out and
naked body. My shame was about to be recorded on film and I was helpless to
prevent it being held by three athletic youths. Mike and Al held my arms
out to the sides and my lolicon and free pictures legs were held by Dan. I tried wriggling, but their
grips were firm.
The camera clicked several times. John chose different angles and I
turned red with embarrassment. I was already wondering who would see these
photos. Also, I knew that there was more to this 'punishment' than a little
naked humiliation.
"Please guys. Let me go. I won't say a word. Let me have my clothes
back now. You've had your fun."
"Our fun has barely started," said Mike. "You think we just
stripped you to take a few pictures? Oooh no. Your naked body has a far
greater purpose than lolitta young girls gallery that. We're just getting ready to play."
At that I tried porn loli vids to struggle free, but I wasn't strong enough. In
any case, I knew I'd never make it out of the door.
"I don't think he wants to co-operate," Al remarked.
"No problem," said Dan. "Once we have him secured he won't be
trying to go anywhere and we can take our time."
With that I was lifted password forum loli and found myself being carried across to a
device set to one side of the boathouse. About three feet high, it was a
raised platform onto which canoes could be placed upside down for
cleaning. The top of the platform was hollow. The edges of the canoe were
placed into a groove which traced a canoe-shaped outline in the top of the
platform which then held it securely. The hollow central part meant that
the inside of the boat could also be accessed. A canoe was already in
"That's good," Al joked. "Bottoms up for both of them."
I struggled again, but still uselessly.
"Soon you won't even be able to struggle," Dan said threateningly.
I was carried towards the canoe.
"Let's get him in position."
"No. Guys, please. Don't do this. I promise I'll keep quiet. Just
let me go."
They were determined to do exactly the opposite. My helpless, naked
body was forced forward over the upturned canoe until my stomach was on the
keel with my arms and head hanging down one side and my legs waving on the
other. My arse was raised obscenely in the air.
I watched in mounting horror as ropes were attached to each of my
wrists. Quickly these were pulled under the canoe and I could feel each one
being tied to the matching ankle on the other side. My arms and legs were
then spread apart as widely as possible and the ropes pulled back over the
canoe to be tied to my wrists once again. I was fastened to that canoe in
an 'X' shape, the curve of the keel preventing me from pulling my arms and
legs together. I knew that my splayed legs must have opened my arse cheeks
and now my final secret place was on full display to their hungry eyes.
I was soon to discover that it wasn't only their czech lolias eyes that were
The final embarrassment at this stage was that my limp dick and
balls were pulled out from under me to lie, visible dark bbs loli to all, on the rough
surface of the canoe, jutting between my legs.
All through this I had continually babbled a stream of pleas and
protests at my treatment. I tried telling them they could not do this to
me. I begged for mercy. I promised faithfully that I would tell no-one of
these nocturnal activities.
"Please. I'm sorry. I'll forget I ever came here. I don't ru loli pussy want any
trouble. Please let me go. I've learned my lesson. I'm sorry I threatened
you. Don't tie me up. Oh please stop it. I want to go back to the cabin."
None of which showed any appreciation of why I was being tied and
presented in this way. I think I knew something bad was going to happen,
worse than being stripped naked, worse than being tied up, but nothing in
my mind was prepared to accept it. It was better to try to believe that
being tied up was my punishment and that was all there would be to it.
These four knew better. The tying down in that position was only a
prelude to the activities to come. They had plans and needs. I had put
myself in a position to satisfy those needs; indeed, I was an ideal
candidate. No amount of begging and pleading on my part was going to make
them simply release me and send me on my way. Not, at least, until they had
made full and terrible preteen loli use of the situation they had now created.
There was a silence after they had me just as they wanted. I
couldn't see them, but I'm sure they were standing behind me admiring their
handiwork and anticipating the fun to come. I was involuntarily providing
them with plenty to stare at. Maybe they were contemplating my naked body
as it was for the last time - untouched - knowing that it would never ever
be the same again after this night.
At last, Dan walked around the canoe and into my sight. He crouched
down in front of my face and looked me in the eyes.
"Well Stu. I guess you're regretting coming here tonight, but not
as much as you are going to regret it."
A shudder chilled my spine.
"As far as we are concerned, you're a gift. A present. You were
given to us, we've unwrapped bbs loli tiny you and prepared you to be played with. Now
we're going to have our fun."
As Dan stood up, Mike sort of swam into my view to take his place;
my vision seemed to be becoming blurry.
"You're a complete virgin, aren't you, Mike? Never had sex before
in your life? Ever think about it - your first time?" I tried to nod. "With
a girl was it?" Mike pursued. I nodded again. "Romantic and tender?
Loving?" Another attempted nod. "You fucking her and she loving it?"
I hated the idea of where this was leading, but nodded once more.
"I've got news for you, Stu. This is about to be your first
time. This is where you lose your precious virginity. But it won't be with
a nice young girl; it'll be with us. It won't be you doing the fucking;
it'll be us fucking your mouth and your arsehole. And you won't be loving
The truth that I had been holding at bay splashed over me like a
cold, irresistible wave. Sudden fear, uncontrollable terror totally
overwhelmed me. The blurriness in my eyes formed itself into tears which
trickled down my cheeks.
"Oh no! Please, Mike, listen. Don't do this. I'm not ... like
that. You can't ... No, please. I'm begging you. I couldn't ... loli nudes
Don't make
me do this. Please. It's not fair. Oh god! Please have mercy."
Mike stood up and I could lolits of naked see the dramatically distended front of
his swimming trunks. He rubbed his hand underage nude loli
sensuously over the obvious tube of
man meat hidden inside.
"It's all for you. You get to take it all. And all of the others
Two more figures moved into my line of sight and I became aware
that lolicon and free pictures John had been preparing himself. He now wore just white
underwear. Along with the others he sported a prominent bulge, evidence of
how ready for action they were. Their fun for the night was going to be
raping a helplessly passive, naked and vulnerable 17 year old who had
stupidly walked into their clutches to become the focus of their sordid
Each of them was gently caressing his own material-clad man meat,
taunting me with their power.
"Oh god, nooo! Stop it! Don't fuck me. Please don't. I'll do
anything else you want, but please don't do this to me. Help! HELPPPP!!!
Someone help me. God, please. Oh fuccckkk... I don't want this ..."
Mike put the fingers of both hands around his hidden erection and
slipped his thumbs into the waistband of his trunks. Then he started to
pull underage nude loli
upwards with his fingers and downwards with his thumbs. The bulge
moved up towards the descending waistband. He did it so slowly that his
dick emerged from his trunks very gradually, starting with the tip. It was
the second time I had watched Mike's trunks being lowered that night. This
time, however, I was getting a close-up and bbs japan loli
personal view of his pride of
The tip was pink, shiny and bulbous. As I'd seen before, it was
circumcised and so the entire head was on display as it peeped, one-eyed,
over the trunks. The shaft which gradually became exposed behind it was
thick and smooth. As the trunks slid down further I could see his thick
black bush of pubes encircling the base of this stiff rod. Then his balls
squeezed out into the open and flopped down. They nut sack was hairy and
held two objects the size of small plums. Finally I was looking at Mike's
personal equipment in its entirety. I wanted to close my eyes; I wanted not
to see the threat; I wanted it to go away, but I couldn't help myself. I
just gazed in abject fear at the rampant weapon in front of me. Mike slid
his trunks down all the way and, as he stooped to remove them altogether, a
globule of clear viscous liquid seemed to burp from the slit in the head of
his dick. Half-fascinated, I watched as it oozed over the head and ran down
the under-side of the shaft leaving a snail-like trail behind it. Before
Mike had fully stood up, trunks in hand, another blob of pre-cum had eased
itself out, slid off the tip and was hanging by a lengthening thread.
If my bonds had not held me so rigidly, I would have visibly
trembled. He'd told me what he intended loli paradise tgp
to do lolitta young girls gallery
with free hentai lolicon clips
that ramrod, which
looked to be about seven and a half inches long, and I knew terror. The
pre-cum, leaking from the slit and swinging gradually from side to side,
reminded me of a slavering animal eager to be satisfied. My throat went dry
as I realised it wasn't Mike, but his prick that was going to rape me.
"This is the first for your mouth, virgin-boy, but perhaps you'd
like to see what will be probing your tight arse in a few minutes. Just so
you know when you feel it entering you..."
Mike stepped to one young teens lolitta side and Dan moved in. Dan! My room-mate whom I
had admired and from whom I'd hoped to get body-building advice was going
to abuse my spread-open arsehole. He intended to force his dick into my
helpless body against my will. I couldn't believe it. The tears which had
continued to run down my cheeks flowed even more freely.
"Dan. Please. Anything. Anything, but this," I sobbed. "I'll give
you money. Anything. Just don't do this to me. Oh shit, I'm begging
you. Don't rape me! Pleeeeaase!"
Dan stopped stroking his hidden treasure and raised his hands to
the waistband of his trunks. Pushing his thumbs inside, he thrust the
trunks away from his body and deliberately gazed down inside. Then he
lifted his head slowly to look at me and a smile spread across his handsome
"I've just had a look at bbs loli gallery
what I'm going to give you," he said
carefully, "and I think you are so lucky. Not every 17 year old gets to
have something like this for their first time. You should be so grateful,
not begging to be left alone. If I didn't give you the experience of my
man-rammer inside you, I'd feel I'd deprived you of something very
important. Bet you can't wait to take a look. Shall I show you?"
"No, Dan. Please. Oh shit, no." Dan gradually lowered the front of
his briefs and, once again, loli pthc I saw his eight inch monster. I cried even
harder. "OH FUCK! Noooo!! Please Dan. You can't try to put that inside
me. You can't. God, Dan. Stop this. You've scared me enough. I'm no threat
to you. There's no reason..."
"There's every reason," Dan interrupted. "I'm not doing this
because you're a threat; I'm doing it because I want to fuck you. I want to
know what it will feel like having my dick up your tight arse. I want to be
the first one up there. I want you to feel my dick exploring your
insides. This isn't about punishment. This is about having fun."
As he spoke he bent to remove his trunks completely and finally
stood naked before me. He reached down and casually ran his hand along the
length of his shaft. As with Mike before him, pre-cum pushed open the piss
slit and eased onto the surface. With his right thumb, Dan spread it all
over the purple head of his circumcised prick.
"A bit more of that and it'll be all ready to open your back door."
John came over a crouched in front of me as Dan had done earlier.
"You see, little boy, we can, and will, do anything we want with
you, whether you like it or not. Tonight you'll be our fuck toy and we will
pump our loads into and onto you as we wish. You'll do as we tell you from
now on. We are your new masters and your job is to satisfy our every need,"
he announced threateningly. "Cry all you like, but before long we'll be
giving you something to cry seriously about. You know what always happens
to naughty boys with their naked bums in the air? We'll replace that white
with a shade of red you won't believe. Beg all you like, while you can. You
won't be saying much with a mouthful of cock to gag you. Ready now?"
I sobbed a negative reply which was ignored as he moved
away. Through my tears, I saw that Dan has gone, but Mike was standing
rampant in front of me. I choked as I sobbed, but tried to clamp my mouth
shut. One step forward and Mike's dick was pushing at my lips. I tried to
refuse entry, but a hand grabbed my hair and yanked viscously.
"Aowww!" young porn loli I yelped and my first intruder plunged in.
At the same time, I felt pressure between my arse cheeks against my
boy-hole. It was sacred; it was untouched; it was mine ... it was being
stretched; it was being penetrated; it was being filled. I was about to
To be continued...Author: Stripscott
Email: gjd18braol.com
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